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Hard lines are countered with soft textiles in this modern style living room.

5 Homes With Modern Style

Clean lines, bright spaces, geometric features – if these call up images of your dream home, you’ve got modern style. Look no further, for modern homes in South Florida, OMG Brokers has you covered with this list. Modern Style In Midtown This corner condo in Midtown has two beds, two
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DIY projects done right can increase your home's value.

4 DIY Dos (And One Don’t)

When buying or selling a home, there are plenty of ways to save money by taking on DIY projects. Here are some tips to make sure you DIY the right way. Do: Your Research It’s important to understand everything you can about a home you plan to buy or sell. If you’re selling, know the s
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This kitchen has great natural elements to balance its modernism.

5 Homes Boasting a Beautiful Kitchen

In South Florida, it’s almost expected that homeowners will double as entertainers. And with the vibrant mashup of Caribbean, Latin American and European cultures, the best host is likely the one with the best food. Here are five homes that feature a beautiful kitchen, where friends a
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An uncluttered kitchen leaves a great first impression.

5 Little Ways To Make A Great First Impression On Buyers

As the old adage goes, first impressions are everything. This applies not only to people, but to real-estate, too. Here are five tips to make sure your property makes the best possible first impression on potential buyers. Make Your Property Smell Like A Home Since smell is one of our
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5 Huge Yards (Attached to Beautiful Homes) in Miami

Who says you can’t have a big yard in Miami? These homes are living large on some of OMG Brokers’ biggest lots in the 305. Miami’s Own Hearst Castle This real-life Xanadu is sitting pretty on a 6.91 acre lot near Coconut Grove. Refusing to be dwarfed, the house is a full 16,500 square
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Buying a home is stressful, yet rewarding.

Four Things to have in Order Before Buying a Home

Most people have thought about buying a home at one point in their lives. Why wouldn’t they? With countless pros to having a fixed place of your own, it makes sense to want to take the homeownership route. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a house isn’t the draining investment it
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South Miami Homes are beautiful!

5 South Miami Homes You Will Fall in Love With

Looking to settle down in a beautiful Florida community? South Miami has it all. With a splash of suburban and metropolitan, this vibrant area of Miami-Dade County is filled with everything from some of the city’s hottest restaurants and nightclubs to the most stunning parks and capti
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For Sale By Owner Vs. Hiring a Real Estate Agent

When the time comes to sell your home, it can be difficult to decide whether it’s best to sell your home by owner or to hire a real estate agent. There are definitely pros and cons to each situation. Let’s take a quick look at each of these scenarios so you may best decide what works
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Condominium in Brickell is very lavish and beautiful

Four Brickell Condominiums Up For Grabs!

Have you been on the hunt for a opulent condominium in Brickell? The upscale, residential neighborhood known as Brickell is home to some of the most luxurious accommodations in Miami-Dade County. Being one of the largest financial districts in the nation, this fast-paced city is a hub
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A First time homebuyer needs to do their homework before they buy a house!

4 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Being a first time homebuyer can be an incredibly stressful. However, the more you know before venturing into buying property, the better chance you have of coming out on top of the situation. While there is never any way to predict the future, there are always ways to prevent the wor
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