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5 Little Ways To Make A Great First Impression On Buyers

As the old adage goes, first impressions are everything. This applies not only to people, but to real-estate, too. Here are five tips to make sure your property makes the best possible first impression on potential buyers.

Make Your Property Smell Like A Home

Since smell is one of our most influential, memorable senses, it stands to reason that, soon after seeing a house, you would notice its smell. Imagine walking into a house that smelled like garbage. Now imagine a home that smells fresh and clean, or homey and sweet – which would you likely remember more fondly?

Beware of allergies, but chocolate-chip cookies will impress anyone.

Put down the air freshener, though. If the house smells like canned scents, potential buyers might wonder what you’re hiding. Instead, bake cookies and have them available for an open house, or simmer some citrus, cinnamon and cloves on the stove to fill the house with a warm, clean scent. Just don’t forget to do the dishes before you show the property.

The First Impression Is Often Online – Take Good Photos

OMG Brokers features photos for most of the properties listed on its website – one of the best ways to make your house attractive is to have great photos taken of it in the first place. This means clutter should be kept to a minimum, but you should also avoid making the place appear sterile and un-lived in.

An un-cluttered, but well staged bathroom will leave a great first impression.

Consider speaking with your real-estate agent for staging tips, like removing family photos and personal effects from each space. Finally, make sure all photos are in-focus and well-lit to give the best impression to online viewers. And speaking of lighting…

Light Your House Well

Take advantage of natural light to leave a good first impression of a bedroom.

Make sure all the bulbs in the house work. Avoid bulbs that cast cold light. If you use CFL bulbs, give them plenty of time to fully illuminate each room. Raise blinds and pull back curtains in order to let in as much natural light as possible. Your first impression of a dark house is not as favorable as it might be for a bright one.

Provide Optimum Comfort

If they plan on buying the home, they need to feel comfortable in it. This means fluffing pillows, making sure the house is scrubbed clean and presenting an inviting, open space.

A clean bathroom will leave a better first impression than one with toothpaste stains.

It’s especially important when selling a home in South Florida to keep the house cool. No matter what time of year you’re selling the property, it’s likely to be warm, if not downright blazing hot outside – make sure that heat doesn’t translate indoors, but don’t freeze guests out. Make sure potential buyers who visit your home feel as at-home as possible.

Go Out To Lunch

It will leave a better first impression on a buyer if you don't crowd their tour of your property.

The final, and perhaps most important tip on this list, is not to be present when your house is being showed. To make sure buyers are completely comfortable in the property, it would be best not to hover over their shoulders. Leave it to the professionals to lead buyers through the best aspects of your house, and take some time to relax or run errands while they do.

With these tips, you’ll avoid many obstacles to selling your home. For more tips like this, keep up with OMG Brokers’ blog. If you’re ready to sell your property, be sure to contact us to help you!