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5 Reasons a South Florida Real Estate Professional is Essential

There has never been an easier time to buy a sell a home on your own than today, but that does not mean it’s an easy process by any means. Yes, there are sites that where you can research the Florida real estate market, look at homes for sale in Florida, list your home and even download sales contracts. With all those resources available, you may find yourself asking the question, “Do I even need a Florida Realtor?” The answer is a resounding, “YES!”
And here’s why…

Buying and Selling Florida Real Estate is a Complex Process

The buying and selling of real estate is among the most regulated transactions in the United States and the legal and financial penalties of even the smallest misstep can be dire. Each year, the rules and regulations regarding real estate change. Considering the average American might buy or sell a home two or three times in his lifetime, there’s no reason to keep up with every little – or major – change. The average, full-time Realtor will participate in hundreds of transactions over the course of his career. It’s part of your south Florida Realtor’s job to know and understand the ins and outs of the federal and state laws and regulations as they apply to real estate transactions.
You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney; don’t buy or sell a home without the assistance of a Realtor.

Pricing Your Home and Drafting an Acceptable and Favorable Offer

South Florida real estate agents live and breathe real estate – just like you do at your job. We spend hours every day poring over market reports, listings and projections. This allows us to help our clients to price their home to property to sell quickly in the competitive south Florida market rather than linger for months or years. This is very important if you hope to move soon or are in a financial bind. Conversely, we will also use vast resources at our disposal to determine the right offer – and that’s not always full list price.

Marketing Your South Florida Property

Marketing is more than just sticking a side alongside the road and entering the property in the MLS. In today’s Florida real estate market, creating a marketing campaign that captures that all-important first surge of interest can make the difference between selling your home quickly and becoming a dreaded “dead listing”. Experienced Florida Realtors understand this and will go the extra mile to market your property. This can include: hiring professional photographers and videographers to document your property, staging your home for sale, distributing your listing across a variety of third-party real estate sites, using social media to get the word out and using their network of local realtors to get potential buyers through the proverbial door.

Preserving Your Precious Time

Your Realtor is there to handle all those aspects of buying a home south Florida for which you just don’t have the time. They will handle the marketing of your home while simultaneously preparing a list of potential homes for you to buy from the thousands listed on the market. They will worry about fielding offers, scheduling inspections, helping you to evaluate the various home warranties available, checking on zoning and building restrictions and so much more – allowing you to buy and sell a home with minimal interruption to your daily life.  Do you have the time to handle all those bits and pieces and manage your busy life?

Being a Confidant, Advisor and Advocate

Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. In short, this means they put their clients’ interests above everyone else’s including their own. If they offer advice or counsel, you can be sure it’s in your best interest, not another parties.
IF you plan to buy and sell real estate in South Florida, you need the assistance of a quality, experienced Realtor. It will pay off in the end.